10 Steps to tell you how to use a smart balance wheel, self-balancing scooter?

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  1. Turn on the smart balance wheel power switch, check the battery display whether is normal, if the smart electric scooter remaining charge only one cell, please fully charged before use.
  2. After turning on the smart balancing scooter power, wait for about three seconds, so that the gyroscope will find a balance.
  3. After confirming the power, dressed protective gear, right foot on the right pedal, the smart balancing board positioned against the right upper leg, knee pressure swing back and forth a little, let the self-balancing scooter go and back exercise, repeated practice, skilled control the self-balancing board and then take the next action
  4. Before the left leg on the self-balancing wheel, leaning forward a little to compensate for the speed of the smart balance two wheels ahead, the right foot on the right pedal, not in place when the self-balance wheel is stationary or body will be unbalanced, to make self-balance scooter Spin motion on the first line of the car (principle with riding a bicycle).
  5. On the self-balance board, the body slightly forward, legs stand up straight, chin up, straight ahead (do not bow to see the electric scooter) with open arms found about equilibrium, Gently press the toes, slowly forward, over and over. At the beginning will be crooked, you will find the feeling of learning about half an hour, an hour later applied freely, three hours later.
  1. When practicing, little legs would swelling and pain, this is because beginners nervous, legs grip friction caused by the smart balance board, which is a normal phenomenon, the 1-3 days will disappear, master riding technology, the calf will not close the self-balancing two wheels , the above-mentioned phenomenon does not exist.
  2. I want to slow down or stop, leans or toe elevation, smart balance scooter will slow down or stop completely, backward or toe elevation magnitude larger vehicle deceleration faster reminded, when riding forward or braking action magnitude is not easy too big, so as not to fall.
  1. Self-balancing electric scooter batteries and control panel have a speed limit of km/h, do not continue to accelerate as it will be dangerous to exceed the limit.
  2. If the battery is displayed two cells, do not travel on a downhill section, to avoid danger
  3. After the ride, please give this 2 wheel self-balancing scooter, charging approximately 2 hours after full (four lamp beads display full brightness) Remember to unplug the charger plug, so as not to damage the battery charged , avoid battery safety accident (fire or explosion) when the self-balancing skateboard temperature is too high, please stop using it.

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