Another Successful Event Conducted at India Gate by PATA Electric Company

Successful Event Conducted

A very famous quote totally justifies the marketing is “If you are persistent, you will get it, if you are consistent, you will keep it”. Consistency is very much important in business. Company should consistently aware customer about their product. So, most of the companies consistently promoting their products through ads on TV, Newspaper, magazines, or through campaigns.

Last weekend PATA Electric had organized a campaign on India Gate to promote lifestyle products Sailor BATTBOT/ Hoverboard – Classic, Chariot, Rhino, Turbo, and Vogue. PATA Electric has a mission to support govt. Make in India & Go green schemes.  BATTBOTs are totally echo friendly products and help to control the pollutions.

These products are designed to reduce the human efforts and to complete the task with speed. These products are battery operated products (BATTBOT) and beneficial in so many ways. People can use it for small distance rides, for fun. 

They started their event at early morning and got unexpected overwhelming responses from people. This time it was second weekend and people were aware and waiting for rides.

On the basis of last weekend result PATA Electric this time came with 10 volunteers to give proper training to people. Mostly kids who came with their parents were too much excited for rides and asking queries related to all variants of product or its pricing. We promoted Sailor BABA   especially for kids.

We promoted chariot for different age groups people. Even senior citizens can also ride it and adjust handle as per their comfort. Senior citizens were asking to give gifts to their kids or relatives.

Overall, the event got unexpected responses & feedback and will definitely use it in further innovation of products. For more information you can connect with us at: +91-9599487834 or mail us your concern on

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