The Benefit and use of a self-balancing scooter

Self-balancing scooters are one of the latest examples of such technology and, despite initial discrimination and mockery, their uses and benefits have proven to be far reaching and continuously expanding.
The demand for electronic transport is becoming increasingly widespread and fashionable with Segway sales up 25% and the new breed of self-balancing scooter set to make significant inroads into the market.
Not just a gimmick for the fashion conscious, a range of industries and sectors are deploying them as part of their everyday practice. Easy to transition from indoors to outdoors, everything from emergency services to university campuses and music festival are utilizing and enjoying the benefits of hover board technology and the integration of self-balancing scooters is an emerging and ever expanding market shareholder with no sign of slowing down.
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Here is a list of their numerous benefits and examples of their all-encompassing reach.

Eco friendly

Self-balancing scooters use lithium-ion batteries and are consequently inherently zero-emission machines which can operation both inside and outside, thus multiplying their usability. With governments, companies, and individuals feeling pressure to limit their carbon footprint, electronic transportation is becoming an increasingly popular and environmentally friendly alternative.


Cost effective

Fuel costs and car maintenance costs continue to escalate making the electronic scooter an attractive alternative means of transportation. The price of hover boards and scooter technologies and maintenance is also decreasing which in turn is reducing their costs to customers, whilst the same cannot be said for the automobile industry and its associated costs.

They make jobs easier

As detailed below, a range of industries are employing self-balancing scooters in order to increase productivity and reduce human energy exertion and time consumption. Everyone from law enforcement officials to gas meter inspectors and delivery people are utilizing the benefits of electronic hover boards and integrating in to their day to day operations.

Medical care and security provision

Not only do law enforcement officers use the self-balancing scooters but security at sporting events and live festivals have begun using them. The improved vantage point provides an additional advantage in field of vision and the speed of hoverboards ensures they can act promptly and efficiently.
In Chicago, a two person paramedic team patrols the city and can administer emergency aid with revolutionary speed as also seen in Salt Lake City where electronic boards are used to access congested areas otherwise inaccessible by vehicle.
Remarkably, self-balancing scooters have been put to inspired use as part of bomb disposal squads across the globe with full-loaded bomb disposal technicians able to easily manoeuvre their extra 120 pounds of protective gear with relative ease and bomb disposal technicians able to conserve their energy and concentration for their intricate operations.
As gas prices continue to rise and environmental responsibility and its associated costs continue to
increase and as more and more industries, governments and individuals explore the potential of self-balancing scooters the use of personal electronic transportation is only set to increase in the future and their disruption to the status quo will continue with their potential limited only by the expanse of the human minds operating them.
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