Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the BATTBOT or Hoverboard craze. Why India is the mainstream market of Smart Vehicles?

The holiday season is quickly approaching, and one of the most sought-after gifts is loved by celebrities and athletes alike is BATTBOT normally called as Hoverboards. The hoverboard is everywhere right now.

hoverboard scooter

These BATTBOTs bringing the human race closer to the artificial intelligence of the robotics world, and by providing a sustainable future to the upcoming generation through a green mode of transportation. These are eco-friendly and run on “no cost”.

To know this more in-depth, let’s start:

What are BATTBOTs OR hoverboards?

If you search on Google for “hoverboard,” you’ll be presented with a range of two-wheeled boards, irrespective of quality and warranty associated with them. Google will also include results for “hoverboard Segway,” “BATTBOT” Sailor Hoverboard, Sailor, “Segway,” and “self-balancing scooter,” just to cover all the possible bases. This pretty much sums up how the boards work, too—you stand on one, lean forward or back to speed up and slow down, like the way you’d ride a Sailor.

The boards tend to have a motor connected to each wheel, which lets each foot move individually—allowing for greater control over stability in the absence of a pole and handlebars, and to help the rider steer left and right.

Also, unlike a Sailor BATTBOT, which you’re unlikely to encounter in 2016 unless you’re a mall cop or in a really obnoxious tour group, hoverboards are growing in popularity.

Some useful stats: Most BATTBOT can accommodate about 110 Kg of weight. They can only hit top speeds of about 10 mph, and generally, have a range of about 8-9 KM. The boards themselves generally weigh over 12 kgs.

Why are hoverboards everywhere right now?

As Indians becoming more tech-savvy and start adapting rapid changes with the time, BATTBOT becomes a new trend of moving swiftly with a touch of modern style. Also increase in the disposable income, inclination towards the technology, the aspirational value it supports and adaption to new technology are the factors which boost the visibility of BATTBOTs/Hoverboard in the market.

Who makes hoverboards?

In India, there is no one with a proper manufacturing unit of Hoverboards. Most products available in the market are Chinese made and there are few stockists which stock BATTBOT / Hoverboards along with dealers or shopkeepers who stock 2-3 models at a time.

Still, there are companies which are working aggressively to create an edge in Indian Market by setting up a manufacturing cum assembly unit with 60% of production capacity of BATTBOT components like PATA ELECTRIC COMPANY which sells the product with the brand name of SAILOR and having multiple models under its the line.

Should you buy one?

Some boards are pretty reasonably priced along with warranty and tech support like Sailor: PATA Electric Company. The hoverboard could end up filling the gap between long-distance modes of transport and walking short distances—like the iPad of personal transport. Or they could end up being the Minidisc of transport, solving a problem that no one really had, but seemed really cool for a while.

Bottomline: if you want to travel short distances quite slowly, looking pretty cool while you’re doing it, but with the prospect of having to lug your transport home when it runs out of power—then go for it.

You can buy this product from www.dvcomm.in. The link is: Self Balancing Scooter

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