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Smart city concept was originated by IBM at the time when whole world was facing one of the worst economic crises. IBM began work on smarter city concept as a subsidiary of its smarter planet initiatives. Initially countries like South Korea, UAE, and china began to invest heavily into their research and formation.

Smart cities only targeted urban region i.e. highly advanced in terms of overall infrastructure, sustainable real estate communications and market viability. The prime focus in smart city would be IT and the basis for providing essentials services to residents.

The main objective is to promote cities that provide core infrastructure and give a decent quality of life to its citizens, a clean and sustainable environment and applications of smart solutions.Govt. Has published list of 20 smart cities out of 98 short-listed for the smart cities mission. These 20 cities would be the first to receive funds. Centre govt. has assured 48000 crore for it and the funds will be allocated to the local buddies at frequent intervals in the next five years.

By taking initiatives, our company PATA ELECTRIC has launched products BATTBOT and MOPBOT. These are the products which are totally eco –friendly and easy to handle.

BATTBOT- It is a battery operated robot designed to reduce the human efforts, saves time and convincing also. Battbot has lithium battery which is totally eco-friendly.

MOPBOT-Mopbot designed by considering the household requirements. It helps to cleaning the rooms with manual time settings.

Pata electric company are taking constant adventure to reshape the world with an edged technology considering world as a target also built R&D centre in India itself.

As the promising player we have been dedicated to redefine solution the way of mobility and cleaning solution by extending the benefit of cutting edge technology across the nations.

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