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Have you broken or damaged your BATTBOT (HOVERBOARD / Segway / Self Balancing Scooter)? Has it stopped working? Has the wheel fallen off?

Do not worry! Our dedicated repair center logs your BATTBOT issue and the dedicated repair team will repair and send your board back to you.

We can repair all types of boards, even if you did not purchase it from us we still may be able to help you. We at PATA Electric Company are the known BATTBOT repair company in the India with more than 1500 repairs under our company’s repair Centre and are trusted repairers for major retailers.

We Pride ourselves on customer service and speaking to our customers, we have been fixing and rectifying BATTBOTs since 2015 and offer a hassle free easy service with a 100 percent BATTBOT / Hoverboard fix rate.

Common Faults:

  • Hoverboard not charging.
  • Hover-board turns itself off when riding.
  • Flashing red light.
  • Can’t get it to balance correctly.
  • Blue light it constantly on when switch on.
  • Constantly beeping.
  • Scraping noise on wheel.
  • Board has snapped in half.
  • Bluetooth not working

Fix a Flat Tire On 10in Wheel

Water Damaged Hoverboard

Red flashing lights

Will Not Turn OFF At All

Fix Bluetooth and Remote Control

Unbalanced Ride or Needs Reset

Broken Frame

Change the Charger Port

Change the Battery

Change the Wheels/Motors

Does Not Turn On At All

Broken Plastic Housing Shell

Change Balance Sensor

Change the Power Button

Shaking Hoverboard

Ready for BATTBOT Repair