PATA Electric Company launches MOPBOT: The Cleaning BATTBOT!

It is rightly said, “If you believe, you can achieve”. In this densely populated world we need to satisfy all our needs within minimum time and minimum effort involved, so PATA Electric Company launches one of its unique experiments by making a “cleaning BATTBOT” also termed as “MOPBOT” thereby promoting “SWACHH BHARAT MISSION”.

A MOPBOT is an advanced, dry and wet floor cleaning device. MOPBOTs will provide Indian urban class with a technology-powered comprehensive cleaning solution, that will address their domestic cleaning requirement and gift them unparalleled convenience of robotic dry and wet cleaning MOPBOTs options.

These are small, disc shaped machines that can whizz around not only scrubbing away the dirt but mopping the floor and drying up after themselves. The MOPBOTs have been classified into two kinds, namely MOPBOT-D and MOPBOT-W. Here D stands for dry and W stands for wet.

MOPBOT-D sweeps the floor back and forth in straight lines using dry cleaning pads to efficiently pick up dust, dirt and hair. MOPBOT-W is specially designed to systematically and efficiently mop the entire floor, wet, dry or damp, in just one pass. MOPBOT-W has an integrated advanced full wet mopping system, which has a small integrated water reservoir that automatically dampens the mop to remove stubborn dirt.

We hope and believe that this product proves fruitful for the society. The moral boosting feedback and increasing demand is driving us to bring new and more innovative additions in the product family.

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