PATA Electric’s Initiative towards smart India

From global leader in service sector to being recognized as one of the world’s largest emerging industrial hub, India has seen an unprecedented development in last couple of decades.

There are many reason why the concept of smart cities is required to effectively deal with all the issue related to clean environment, cyber security and other services. As India continues to experience rapid urban expansion, public and private leader at national, state and local level are looking into ways to better manage large population.

Launched under PM Narendra Modi in 2015, the “Smart Cities Mission” is an ambitious effort to boost economic development, technological innovation and sustainable growth across India. If the mission get successful, the Indian cities will position themselves as clean, modern and competitive place for year to come.

Governance challenge, Infrastructure gap and clean energy must be considered to reach the ambition of Smart Cities. Simply putting digital technologies alone will not deliver the result India hope to achieve.

First India must focus on creating more customized solution as a part of smart cities Mission which should be shaped according to local infrastructure priorities and essential infrastructure including water, sanitation and clean and green energy through solar, wind and battery operated vehicles.

Battery operated Vehicle are type of electric vehicle that uses chemical energy stored in rechargeable battery. Battery operated vehicle uses electric motor and motor controllers. The concept of battery operated vehicle is to use charged batteries on board vehicle for propulsion. Battery operated vehicle are becoming more and more attractive with the advancement of new battery technology i.e. Lithium Ion that have higher power and energy density.

The Battery operated vehicle comes with easy home charging option enabling to charge the vehicle overnight in garage or anywhere. By deploying Battery operated vehicle, India can avoid 4 million tons of carbon dioxide by 2020. Electric vehicle are one of the most promising technology pathways to reduce greenhouse gas emission and oil consumption around the world.

Focusing on the clean energy Pata Electric Company has showcased itself with an edged technology and also green technology by introducing BATTBOTS in Indian market. BATTBOTS are battery operated robots, designed to execute one or more human tasks automatically with speed and precision and reduce human effort. They have also introduced “In the House” MOPBOT, robot for comprehensive cleaning solution.

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