This MOPBOT will provide Indian urban class with a technology-powered comprehensive cleaning solution that will address their domestic cleaning requirement and gift them unparalleled convenience of robotic dry  cleaning MOPBOTs options.

About The MOPBOT-D

  • Effective area(Max) 120-150square meter
    Function Suction type
    Sweep-out pattern Planning type
    Auto recharging Yes
    Battery 2200MAH
    Charging time 3-4 hours
    Dust Tank Capacity: 0.65L
    Rated power of main engine 35W
    Noise Level Less 65DB
    Material ABS+Aluminium alloy
    Working voltage of main engine: 14.8V
    InputVoltage AC 100-240V
    Remote controller Yes
    Remote controller Yes
    Collision protection Mechanical+electronic double protection
    Display Yes

These small, disc-shaped machines can whizz around not only scrubbing away the dirt but mopping the floor and drying up after themselves.

This MOPBOT makes the mission of Swachh Bharat effective and within the reach of any individual.

  • Intelligent Alarm System in case of unforeseen circumstances or failure , it will send out the alarm.
  • Specially equipped with sensors on it’s underbody that enables it to constantly interpret it’s terrain.
  • Soft Touch Object Detection it detects when an object is touched and then adjust it’s path to navigate around it .


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