This cleaning BATTBOT is specially designed to systematically and efficiently mop the entire floor, wet , dry or damp, in just one pass.

This MOPBOT having integrated advanced full wet mopping system which has a small integrated water reservoir that automatically dampens the mop to remove stubborn dirt.

About The MOPBOT-W

  • Effective area(Max) 120-150square meter
    Function wet mopping type
    Sweep-out pattern Planning type
    Auto recharging Yes
    Battery 2500MAH
    Charging time 3-4 hours
    Dust Tank Capacity: 0.3L
    Rated power of main engine 28W
    Noise Level Less 65DB
    Material Silicone/ABS
    Working voltage of main engine: 14.8V
    InputVoltage AC 100-240V
    Remote controller Yes
    Remote controller Yes
    Collision protection Mechanical+electronic double protection
    Display no

We provide Indian urban class with a technology-powered comprehensive cleaning solution that will address their domestic cleaning requirement and gift them unparalleled convenience of robotic dry and wet cleaning MOPBOTs options.

These small, disc-shaped machines can whizz around not only scrubbing away the dirt but mopping the floor and drying up after themselves.

  • Full Wet Mopping System which has a small integrated water reservoir that automatically dampens in a vacuuming robot to remove stubborn dirt
  • Large UV germicidal cleaning light
  • Most Powerful suction eliminates need of center brush
  • Hygienic High Efficiency particulate Air Filter
  • Robotic Gyro Sensor
  • Robotic Speed Adjuster
  • Robotic Obstacle Detector


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